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Larry the Gentle Giant NEEDS SURGERY!!

Larry is a 1 year old Great Pyrenees rescued from Mississippi. We brought him to Maine on December 12th in hopes of finding him a forever home, but we quickly became aware that he had a limp that did not subside after resting. Upon two Vet examinations and Xrays, it was determined that Larry has severe Hip Dysplasia on both sides, with the right being clinically worse. This makes Larry a candidate for total hip replacement surgery on his right side. Our Vet referred us to Maine Veterinary Medical Center and a Surgery Consultation appointment has been made for January 27th. The Surgeon will determine the logistics of the surgery, but right now we are looking at an exorbitant vet bill that will cost at least $5,000. It is very important to us that Larry gets the hip replacement, not only for his quality of life but to also better his chances of finding a forever home.


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The following document is the diagnosis from our Veterinarian,

as well as Larry's radiology imagery. 




We are told that the recovery time for this type of surgery is approximately 8-12 weeks. Larry will be eager to find his forever home once he gets back on his feet! He is as loving and patient as he is white and fluffy. He's a true Great Pyrenees in his calm, loyal and affectionate nature. He'd give you the shirt off his back if he had one - instead he'll happily give up toys to his friends without fuss. He loves to play with other dogs and doesn't have to be the boss. He'll let you do practically anything to him and loves to throw his feet up for a good belly rub. His big black nose and brown eyes will melt your heart in hopes of getting what he wants (human food is way up on the list). His security alarm is a big, low woooof for any visitors, though he may be a little shy with them at first. Larry does startle easily and likes to know you're nearby just in case. He's looking for a patient new family that will help teach him basic commands and love him as much as he will love you. Please email Alissa if you have an interest in giving Larry a forever home, transportfetchinghope@gmail.com